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Charles D. Frohman 
Consulting and Government Affairs
Email: cfroh@yahoo.com


Contact Charles for your lobbying or business project needs.  With 20 years experience working for members of Congress, trade associations, a think tank, and various entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Frohman can defend your interests or promote varous projects.


Gary Johnson 2012
Virginia State Coordinator.

Email me please if you have questions about Governor Johnson's campaign, or wish to volunteer or contribute in other ways. More popular in his home state of New Mexico than any other gubernatorial candidate, Gary also created more jobs than other candidates, and, unlike the others, actually balanced the budget and was re-elected in a state dominated 2-1 by Democratic registration. Prior to running for office, Governor Johnson built a handyman business into 1,000 employees; Gary's a triathlete who's climbed Mt Everest.

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Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation

Common Interest
Replacing special interest favors with general welfare for all

Natural Solutions Foundation
Protecting health freedom

Pain Relief Network
Giving patients and their doctors relief from pain, not imprisonment, for following the hippocratic oath.
Equal Justice Alliance
Ensuring protestors of animal abuse are respected under the First Amendment, not branded as "terrorists"

Building free zones worldwide for business and school development, and partnering them with Western entrepreneurs

American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
Supporting free choice in health care since 1943

Casey at the Bat!
Get your Message Out Via XM Radio Host Casey Lartigue

Consumers for Health Care Choices
Empowering Consumers to Preserve a Consumer-Driven Health Market

We the People
To strengthen the "capstone" of our rights - the 1st Amendment's "petition" clause

Akal Security, Inc.
The nation's 5th largest security contractor, guarding federal courts, military bases, immigration/customs centers, airports, and other government and commercial properties.

Easing communication between governments, interest groups, PACs or companies, with voters and members.

Liberty Coalition
Uniting all political persuasions on a transpartisan basis, to preserve our rights

Provided business development services for FLOW a non-profit initiative uniting people of various ideals to bring peace and prosperity:

World Congress
Hosting health reform events

Nationwide Processing
Outsourcing & offshoring mortgage processing

Cato Institute
Educating decision makers on policies supporting human rights in a market limited only by Constitutional government

Expanding powers for credit unions

Organizing grassroots for title agents & insurers

Clarifying law to stop class actions against mortgage brokers

Reps. Gekas (PA) and Inglis (SC), less government & more freedom

Combined Insurance Company, protecting against loss of income

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